Divorce Lawyer Serving Lee’s Summit, Overland Park And Kansas City

Divorce Lawyer in Kansas City
Looking for a divorce lawyer in Lee’s Summit, Overland Park or Kansas City? Jeff Gedbaw has years of experience helping couples through this difficult experience. No matter the reasons for ending your marriage, it is vital to have a divorce lawyer to help you understand your options and make sure your rights are protected. At Gedbaw Law, we take a compassionate, personal approach to your divorce case.
There are a great many things that need to be decided and dealt with during a divorce. Arrangements for child custody and visitation, division of property and financial assets, child support and alimony are all complex legal matters that require expert advice. We believe that the ideal solution is for both parties to come to an agreement without involving the courts. It is in the best interest of the family for everyone to be reasonable and work amicably to resolve these matters. While you may not get everything you want, it is far better to work with your spouse to come to an agreement than to leave your fate in the hands of a judge, who may or may not be sympathetic to your situation and needs. 
Sometimes it is not possible for divorce to be amicable. In that case you need a divorce lawyer who is willing and equipped to fight for you. Jeff Gedbaw has the experience to navigate the legal system on your behalf, explaining your options and your rights throughout the process. He will give you an honest opinion on whether your expectations are reasonable and whether a judge is likely to support your position. We believe that honest advice is more valuable than telling clients what they want to hear. 
Going through a divorce is a difficult and emotionally wrenching experience. Having a divorce attorney who can walk you through it with care and compassion can make a huge difference, whether the split is amicable or contested. If you are ready to get through your divorce and move on with your life, contact Jeff Gedbaw at Gedbaw Law for a free consultation. We serve clients in Lee’s Summit, Overland Park and the Kansas City Metro.

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