Federal Defense Attorney in Lee’s Summit Gets Results

Federal Defense Attorney
As a federal defense attorney in Lee’s Summit, Jeff Gedbaw has the experience and knowledge to defend you against federal criminal charges of any kind. With nearly two decades of experience defending criminal cases at all levels, he will put forth the strongest possible legal defense for you while ensuring your rights are protected.
Jeff’s expertise as a defense attorney started shortly after his graduation from law school at the University of Nebraska. Eager to begin work as a defense lawyer, he took a job with the Missouri State Public Defender system. Here he defended hundreds of clients against charges ranging from theft to arson to murder. He developed a reputation as a strong advocate for his clients’ constitutional rights while honing his skills as a negotiator and a litigator. Jeff later became the supervisor for a group of defense attorneys in the Kansas City Trial Office. All of this work prepared him well for his later work as a federal defense attorney in Lee’s Summit. 
Jeff’s Federal experience began when he joined the Jacksonville Federal Public Defender’s Office in Florida. It was then that he began handling highly complex federal criminal cases.  The skills he had developed as a state public defender served him well in the federal system, which can be much more difficult for defendants. In the Federal criminal justice system, the stakes are higher than at the lower levels. For one thing, sentencing guidelines are more strict. Federal prosecutors also have a wide range of resources at their disposal. Jeff fought hard to protect the rights of his clients as they faced a variety of Federal charges. Later, he returned home to Missouri to open his own practice. Since then,Jeff has broadened his scope to include a wide variety of legal cases including family law and bankruptcy. Even so, he has continued to pursue his passion for defense law, working as a federal defense attorney in Lee’s Summit, Overland Park and the Greater Kansas City area.
The Gedbaw Law Firm, LLC is a client-centered firm. This philosophy means that Jeff and his staff will take the time to listen to you and get to know you while examining the facts of your case to formulate a defense strategy. This unique approach means we will treat both you and your case with the compassion and care you deserve.
Jeff is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri. The Gedbaw Law Firm, LLC provides client services including criminal defense at all levels, including Federal court. We also handle traffic accidents, DUI/DWI, bankruptcy and family law matters. Contact us via our website, or call (816) 379-5329 for a free consultation. If you need a federal defense attorney in Lee’s Summit, Greater Kansas City or Overland Park, call us today!

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